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Frequently Asked Questions - shredding questions

Shredding questions!  

Q: What should I shred?
A: Any documents with sensitive information. Shredding eliminates any chance your company’s data ends up in the wrong hands.

Q: Do we have to remove staples, paper clips, and binder clips?
A: No. Our shredders run through clips, staples, rubber bands, heavy file folders, etc.  Heavy backed binders need to be separated due to fire danger.

Q: We have an Office Shredder. Why should we outsource our Shredding?
A:  Office shredders are convenient for handling small amounts of paper.  Think about the amount of time an employee would have to spend shredding all of your paper with an office shredder.  Our company will give your employee back time at their normal job. Also, over use on office shredders just means more maintenance costs and often times replacing office shredders frequently.  

Q: What size of containers do you offer?

A: We have 3 different sizes of containers.

     95 Gallon - 46"x29"x34"

     65 Gallon - 41"x27"x28"

     Console - 36"x23"x16"